Course/Class Expectations
Students are expected to come to class each day with the necessary materials to include binder, pencils, and notes taken in class previously.

I have high expectations for all of my students in that they are not expected to know everything but are expected to work hard. Working hard includes paying attentions, asking questions as needed, completing all homework assignments as instructed, and studying for tests that they have.

In Language Arts we read quite a few novels, write extensively, and use what we read to support what we are eluding to in our papers. 

The State of North Carolina have indicated what should occur in every language arts classroom, see the link below for a complete explanation of each of these shifts

In addition to the above stated students in my language arts classroom are expected to learn and use a wide variety of vocabulary. Vocabulary is explicitly taught each day, and students are expected to use it in every aspect of their work in language arts.