Course/ Class Expectations
  • Clothing

    o   NO flip flops, sandals, high heels, boots with a heel. Flats are okay as long as there is no heel.

    o   Jackets need to be left at the door as soon as you walk in. Jackets do not need to be worn during activities. 

    o   Please try and wear sneakers to school on PE days. PE days will not change throughout the whole school year. It should not be hard to wear them one day a week!

    ·         Food/Objects

    o   No eating in the gym during PE. Food, drinks, and lunch boxes need to be left at the door. 

    o   No gum. Students will be asked to spit their gum out.

    o   Do not bring pencils or any other types of items that do not belong in the gym. Keep items that belong in the classroom there. 

    ·         Sportsmanship/Bullying               

    o   There will be zero tolerance for bullying in PE. 

    o   PE is supposed to be fun for all. PE is not just for athletic students. Physical education is a variety of different activities and games that are made fun for everyone. It is important that students respect and help each other. When working with others students need to be respectful and caring. 

    §  Teacher will assign groups when needed. There will be NO arguing over who your assigned partner is. 


    o   Students will sit out for a period of time if they cannot follow these rules. 

    ·         Behavior and Discipline 

    Physical Education Gym Rules

    1. Respect yourself and others

    2. Respect the PE equipment

    3. Follow directions

    4. Keep your hands to yourself

    Consequences for PE

    1. Verbal Warning

    2. Brief Conference with teacher (Sit-out)

    3. Behavior reflection

    4. Working Lunch and Parent Call

    5. Separate seating

    6. Office Referral

    o   Every student will always be notified the reason why they were asked to sit out for a few minutes. The teacher and the student will discuss the matter and see what the next plan of action needs to be. Example speak to home room teacher, call home, speak to an administrator, or none at all. 


    o   For students that are sitting out due to not having the proper shoes will be assigned a worksheet. This worksheet will be about health or a subject in PE. Ex. A basketball article that ask questions about what they read. Ex. Health activity. This is not punishment this is to make sure that students are still learning in PE without participating in the main lesson.