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Mr. Beamer


I am a former graduate of LSHS! After earning my bachelor's degree in English at UNC Charlotte, I returned to Lexington to begin my career as an educator. I enjoy reading, watching movies and TV shows, photography, scuba diving, and coaching soccer!

The majority of my course content is available on Canvas! This makes it incredibly easy for my students to access our classroom activities on their computer or smart phone. In order to access my Canvas course, have your student login to their "I Am Login", located here:

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Mr. Beamer’s Syllabus

Contact: 242-1574 - Room 38 -

Welcome to English I/II! In this course you will study and explore multiple genres and literary devices to help build a foundation for reading and writing. Below you will find helpful information for this class. Included are rules and expectations you will need to know to help you be successful.

Classroom Rules are as follows: Consequences will vary and may follow what is outlined below.

1. Be on time.     1st Offense: Name on board = Warning

2. Be Prepared     2nd Offense:  Check next to name = After school detention

3. Be Polite                   3rd Offense: 2nd Check next to name = Call Parents & ASD 4. Be respectful.                                               4th Offense: 3rd Check next to name, Call Parents, ASD and Write Up

5.  Leave the room the way you found it.                

6.  No food is allowed in class, only water.              

Additional Information

1. SMOD is enforced.

2. There are to be no headphones/electronics during class unless permitted.

3. Ask permission to leave your seat.

Cell Phone/Electronics Policy

Phones are not allowed to be out during class. If I see a student with their phone, I will walk over to them and tell them to put it away. If I see it out again during the same class period, I will walk over and ask for the phone and keep it until the end of class. If a student continuously has their phone out on a daily basis, I will take their phone to the office where it will be held until the end of the next school day. There will be a few occasions where I will ask the students to bring their phone to class in order to participate in electronic activities that enable the students to submit answers with their phones. These occasions are the only days of the semester that I will enable them to have their phones out during class.

  • After-school tutoring and detention will be offered once a week.  The day may vary each week.


A: 90-100

B: 80-89

C: 70-79

D: 60-69

F: 0-59

Class Percentages

Homework: 10%

Classwork: 15%

Quizzes: 25%

Tests/Projects: 50%

Needed Materials

3-ring binder with dividers (must have)

Composition Notebook (must have)

Pens/pencils/erasers (must have)

Ruled paper

4 colored Highlighters

  • Homework: Homework will be assigned each week.

  • Late Work: All work needs to be turned in on the day it is due. If an assignment is turned in late, 10 points will be taken off for every day until the assignment is submitted. If an assignment is due at the beginning of class and a student doesn’t turn it in until the end of class, the 10 point rule will also apply, resulting in the maximum score of a 90 for that assignment.

  • 5 Day Make-up Policy: If a student misses class, it is their responsibility to notify me and get the assignments that they missed. If a student misses class on Monday, they have 5 school days (i.e. the following Monday) to make up the work they missed. After those 5 days, the 10 point rule (mentioned in the policy above) will begin to apply to the assignment.

  • Absences:  Students may not miss more than eight (8) days of a class.

  • Projects are important.  It is vital that you follow deadlines and come prepared when we work on the projects together.  

  • Vocabulary Quizzes – Students will get new words every week and will be responsible for studying them in class and at home. A quiz will be given every Friday at the beginning of class.

  • Binder Checks –  Students are required to have a 3 ring binder with dividers in order to keep all of their work from the semester organized and with them any time they enter my classroom. Random binder checks will occur every few weeks so that I can make sure every student is on track for success. I will inform all students that a binder check will be happening a few days in advance. This counts as a very easy quiz grade if the student stays organized and keeps their work in their binder.

  • Reading quizzes – Students will be required to read and some of this will need to be done outside of class so we can discuss the reading in class.  If I assign reading as homework, I will give a quiz on the reading the following day.

  • Tests: Students will have a test for each unit of study that we learn.  Presentations are also a part of the tests and projects categories. For example, when students do presentations on Shakespeare, these will be test grades.