50% Tests and 20% Quizzes – Quizzes will be given periodically while covering course content in each chapter.  A unit test will complete a specific unit covered.

20% Labs 10% classwork, homework, group work, and reports/presentations, daily participation etc. – It is important to be in class every day so you can learn. In addition to being in class, you must make all effort possible to actively & positively participate in lectures and discussions, cooperative group and lab work. Biology or Earth Science Project – The project timeline and topic will be announced during the semester. Lab Credit - A once-a-month opportunity to maintain or improve your grade. It can be a summary of a current newspaper, magazine, or Internet article related to Biology or Earth Science (in your own words and typed-1 page minimum) or a physical article. Guidelines with the proper format will be reviewed and given out in class. Either choice must be presented to the class on the designated Friday. Course Evaluation:

100-90% = A 89.9-80% = B 79-70% = C 69.9-60% = D

*Standard grade percentage breakdown

59.9% or less = F (Failing students will be required to make up the course Academic advancement policy for science (as per state requirements).

Note for both parents and students: A grade report can be accessed online at any time through PowerSchool. However, please be aware that all assignments with a specific due date will not appear immediately on the report but posted 2 weeks later after grading.