Classroom Expectations

Classroom Expectations:

•• Students are quietly in their seats when bell at beginning of class period sounds (getting out Planners and recording daily assignments), and in seats when ending bell sounds for dismissal (Ms. Bostic. will dismiss you, not the bell!). Coming to class late is not acceptable; it hinders your learning and interrupts the learning of others. Tardies will be recorded.

•• Hall passes: A maximum of three opportunities for every student per quarter. Ms. Bostic will sign and approve pass and students will use to leave classroom for personal reasons for a short time period. If not used by end of semester, students may cash them in for 10 points of extra   credit.

•• Notebook: Every student must keep an organized science notebook. The notebook must be a three-ring binder ONLY with rings no smaller than 2” There will be a check of this notebook towards the end of each quarter, and a final grade will be assigned on overall organization and completeness. The grade will be part of the overall daily participation grade received. The notebook is to include all items defined on separate handout provided by Ms. Bostic and always ready for classroom use daily.  Bring to class DAILY with plenty of paper!

•• Labs: Students must stay in assigned groups at all lab times and be on task with the activity.

•• Make-up work: Students are responsible on their own for making up work missed when absent on an absence only within two days upon return. All assignments will be available at all times for students on the Assignment Bulletin Board to access missed work. Labs may be made up by arrangement.  It is the student’s responsibility to make up labs as soon as possible – cannot be made up after 1 week regardless of circumstances.

•• Work Due: Work is due on time on the date assigned. Use your planner to organize your work schedule to ensure that all assignments are complete and ready to turn in as requested. Please see  Ms. Bostic ASAP if circumstances may prevent you from reaching this greater academic expectation of this class.

•• Study Assistance: Arrangements can be made to receive extra help after school. Please do not hesitate to see Ms. Bostic for this opportunity so that you can work to the best of your ability and succeed in this course.