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August 19-23

Reading Counts Test



Canopic Jars
Use the information to help you write a paragraph about the jars.  Here is a guide to help you:

Canopic jars were used in Egypt to hold____________.
The Egyptians put ______,______,_____ and ______ inside the jars.  They did not put the _______ in the jar because the person would need it in the afterlife.  Here are the 4 jars and what they were used for:
1. The Imsety jar protected the_______________

2.  The Qebehsenuf jar was used to guard the________

3.  The Hapy jar protected the________

4.  The Duamatef jar was for protecting the_______

Food and Jobs

Write the types of food that the Egyptians would eat in your food foldable.  
Make a list of jobs in the Egyptian Work foldable

King Tut