We are a family.

Every child will learn and try their best every day.  They will learn skills and habits that they can carry with them though their lives. 

***Children are readers, writers, and thinkers.***

I believe all my students can behave appropriately in my classroom. I will not tolerate a student stopping me from teaching or any student from learning.

Mrs. Johnston's Rules
1. Follow directions
2. Come to class prepared
3. Raise your hand to share a question or comment
4. Respect others' property
5. Keep hands, feet and, objects to self
6. Treat others the way you want to be treated

It is in your child’s best interest that we work together in a relationship to promote his/her learning. I will stay in contact with you regarding your child’s progress.  Do not hesitate to contact me either if you have any questions or concerns.  

Thank you for all of your support!