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Homework is an important part of your child’s learning experience.  Homework not only reinforces skills learned during the day at school, but also encourages student responsibility.  I will only assign homework to reinforce lessons taught during school. 

Please make sure that your child is completing their homework each week. It is also very important that they are reading each night and responding in writing using the tic-tac-toe board. After they read their book, they need to answer the comprehension question they selected in their writing notebook each night. 

It is important for our students to try their best. I will not be able to post assignments online each week because a handout (hard copy) will be sent home at the beginning of each week. If your child does not understand the information just send a note letting me know.

                                                    Blue Jacket Folder
             Students will have homework sent home on Monday every week.
  1. There are math questions on the back of the main homework sheet. There are a list of questions for each night.
  2. Students are also required to read for 20 minutes every night. Along with their reading, they are to answer one of the writing prompts to go with what they read. The tic-tac-toe board with these prompts are in your child's homework (Jacket) folder. 
  3. Students are required to bring their homework folder back each day. They will turn in their homework folder on Friday in preparation for homework the following week.