Molly Bailey

Welcome to Kindergarten!

This year in Kindergarten we will be learning to read, write and do lots of math problems.  We have an exciting year planned for you.  In October we will visit Patterson Farm and pick our own pumpkins.  In early December we will be taking a trip to the Children's museum in Greensboro.  That is a wonderful hands-on learning experience.  For our final trip of the year we will be visiting the North Carolina Zoo in April.  It is always fascinating to watch the animals live in their natural habitat.

This year we will have fun while learning new things.  Please sit down with your child every night and listen to them read.  Also, talk to them about their day and be interested in everything they say and do.  Their little minds are spinning and they are so excited to talk about their day and all they learned.  Lets have a great kindergarten year!