Classroom Expectations
The students in this classroom will be held to high expectations. Students are responsible for all assignments given in a timely manner. No extra credit work will be given. 
Students are expected to treat each other with respect in all areas of the school building. Our main focus is to learn and make as much growth as we can during our time together. With that being said, students are to follow the classroom rule: Let Everyone Learn.
I will communicate weekly to parents about your student's progress. All students who score less than 85% on their weekly Dojo report must have this report signed when returning to school on Monday. 
Parents, teacher and students must work as a team to make the most success out of your student's fourth grade year. Please contact me if you have any concerns. 
Your student will be expected to completely nightly homework that consists of Reading and Math. Homework will be checked daily in the classroom. No late homework will be accepted unless the student is absent or has an emergency. 
Students will be given the opportunity to use technology daily. Some useful sites include: