Expectations and Behavior

At Southwest, we always show our

Jacket PRIDE

P: We ArePolite
 R: We are Respectful 
I: We are Individually Responsible 
D: We Do Our Best 
E: We are Excellent

Students who have shown PRIDE all month, are rewarded with a celebration at the end of each month.

Classroom Behavior System

In our classroom we use a behavior clip chart that has different colors. Throughout the day students clip up or down depending on the choices they make. If a clip is moved down, it can be moved back up if the student corrects the negative choices they made. At the end of each day, students record their color in their take home notebook and receive punches on their reward punch card.

Purple: 3 punches
Blue: 2 punches
Green: 1 punch

When students fill up their punch card they get to choose a reward from our reward menu!