Music Expectations
Music Class Rules:
LOVE the instruments and materials,
RESPECT others with our actions,
ENGAGE in all activities.

Enjoying music class while loving instruments, respecting others, and engaging in activities will permit the class to level up for rewards! All classes that achieve level 10 each quarter will be treated to a music reward party!

The Jedi Way:
Initiates: All students begin as initiates. 
Padawan: When initiates level up, they become padawans. Padawans can assist Mrs. Franks with tasks such as passing out instruments and other materials.
Knight: When padawans level up, they become knights. Knights can assist Mrs. Franks by having classroom jobs and demonstrating new concepts.
Master: A select few students will level up to become masters. Masters will help lead instruction in small groups and sometimes even for the entire class.

1st Offense: Verbal Warning
2nd Offense: Brief conference/Low Level Referral
3rd Offense: Parent Contact