5th Grade Science
Quarter 1 Science Vocabulary
5th Grade

Ecosystem-  Living and nonliving things in an environment and all their interactions


Biome- large region of the earth a large region of Earth that has a certain climate and certain types of living things.


Tundra- a large, barren region with no trees.


Rainforest- a forest of broad-leaved evergreen trees that receives high annual rainfall and is characteristically associated with tropical and subtropical regions of the world.


Desert- large region that gets very little rain each year and has limited plant life.


Taiga- largest terrestrial biome and extends across Europe, North America, and Asia.


Grasslands- land filled with low growing plants such as grasses and wildflowers.


Aquatic- relating to water; living in or near water or taking place in water.


Wetlands- areas where the land does not drain well. The ground is saturated, or full of water and classified as swamps, marshes, or bogs.


Lakes and ponds- small bodies of fresh water.


Ocean- huge body of saltwater that cover nearly 71 percent of Earth's surface.


Coral Reef- underwater ecosystem.


Marine- various types of water ecosystems, including salt marshes, estuaries, the ocean floor, coral reefs, lagoons, and mangroves.