Web Resources
These are a few Internet resources that may be useful for the school year. 

Khan Academy - This is a website used in math small groups.  Students may choose to use their login information at home.  This allows students to work on areas they may struggle in, or to get practice for upcoming tests and quizzes.  
ABCya! - This is a website filled with games the students can choose to play.  It allows them to work on math problems in a fun and interesting way.  
Fun 4 the Brain - This website has a lot of games the students can choose to play.  I have chosen to link to the multiplication page, as this is one of the most important foundational skills. 
Fact Monster - A great tool to help students with timed multiplication tests.  It allows students to get faster with their multiplication facts. 

Read Theory - This is a great website that can be used to read comprehension pages at home for their individual reading level.  
NewsELA - This is a website that allows the kids to read news articles that pertain to the world, but that are on their reading level.