About Your Teacher, Mrs. Miles
My first passion in life were animals and growing plants. I have kept a garden my whole life, and when you come to my home there are animals in abundance. 

 Unknowingly to myself, I had been training to be a teacher for the majority of my life. I spent over a decade in the Girl Scouts and earned the Gold Award when I was 17 years old. We did numerous community service hours tutoring younger students, helping instruct different sports in workshops, and leading as role models when we went out into the community. 

 During high school I worked as a tutor, began my own babysitting business, and spent time working with a program for high needs youth. While I did not realize it at the time, I was seeking the opportunity to help, teach, and inspire the people around me.

 While at Florida State University, I worked with the international student population with the Center for Intensive English Studies. I was a conversation partner and English language tutor. It interested me immensely so I went on to get my Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certification in an intensive, in person, hands on program. 

 I graduated with my Environmental Studies Bachelor's of Science degree in 2012. The world was wide open and I shook teaching. My then boyfriend (my husband now) and I traveled to the far away land of South Korea and jumped into a full year of teaching English to students ranging in age from 5 years old to adults. We used a provided curriculum for certain classes, and developed our own when necessary. During my year abroad I feel completely in love with teaching and wanted to return here to the United States and be an English language teacher.

 I applied to numerous schools and chose to go to Meredith College in Raleigh, NC. Working part time as an English language tutor for adults, and an English teacher through video chats for children between 8 years of age and adults, I earned my Master's in English as a Second Language. 

 I had the honor of being nominated for the Bonnie Torgeson Award as an outstanding Student Teacher. I was a student teacher at both an elementary school and a middle school. I had the opportunity to student teach for a full four months, gaining an immense amount of classroom experience before I began teaching.

 When I graduated from my Master's program I knew I wanted to work where I was going to be most needed. I happily took a job at the middle school level in Durham, North Carolina. I worked at Neal Middle school for two and a half years. It was a crash course in learning how to be a teacher but also more about who I was as a person and who I wanted to be for the many children my teaching career put me in contact with. I loved every minute of it (even the hard parts).

 When my husband accepted a job in Greensboro our soon to be family of three picked up and moved out to Lexington, North Carolina. It was important for me to find a job within the community I lived. An ESL teaching position opened up here at Charles England Elementary School and I jumped on the opportunity to work here.

This is my second year teaching ESL at CEES. I am honored to be a part of a great team of staff, a wonderful bunch of students, and an amazing community. In the future I hope to begin a garden here at Charles England as well as do a variety of hands on projects to support the STEM curriculum we have.

I am so glad to be your student's teacher!