Course and Class Expectation

Welcome to Third Grade

Third grade is a transitional grade and students are starting to be tested with the EOG. I want you to know that I am here for you and your student. I will make sure that I push your child to their very own potential, but I will need your help at home. I will have HIGH expectations in my classroom and will challenge your child daily. This year your child will learn how to build stamina, problem solve, and work collaboratively with others. Reading is very important. Please allow time for your child to read daily.

Classroom Expectation:
1. Be positive and polite.
2. Be responsible.
3. Be prepared and ready to learn.
4. Work hard and do your best.
5. Be respectful.

Skills your student needs to master at the end of the third grade:


  • ·         Author’s Purpose
  • ·         Context Clues
  • ·         Comprehending Level Text
  • ·         Compare and Contrast
  • ·         Use illustrations in a story to convey
  • ·         Describe characters, setting, and major events with specific details
  • ·         Explain a character’s feelings, traits, and motivations
  • ·         Literal and Non-literal Language
  • ·         Asking and answering questions about text


  • ·         Multiplication
  • ·         Division
  • ·         Properties of Operations
  • ·         Areas and Perimeters
  • ·         Word Problems
  • ·         Fractions
  • ·         Measurement
  • ·         Telling time to the minute
  • ·         Interpreting Data and graphs

Testing Expectations:

mClass Level:

BOY: Level L to M

MOY: Level N

EOY: Level  O to P

RTA: Level Q

Lexile Level:

BOY – 575

1st Quarter: 625

2nd Quarter: 665

3rd Quarter: 700

4th Quarter: 725

EOG Scores: 3, 4 or 5