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School Board Briefs : : October 7, 2014

BOARD REVIEW for October 7, 2014
The Lexington City Board of Education held its regular monthly meeting on October 7, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. in the Administrative Office located at 1010 Fair St., Lexington, NC. At that time they considered the following items:

I. Spotlight on People and Programs
A. The board recognized Councilman Frank Callicutt and City Manager Alan Carson
B. Be Somebody
• Lauren Ralph, a senior from Lexington Senior High School was recognized because of her beautiful artwork, one of which was commissioned by The Fresh Market. Lauren interns at Timberlake Galleries, and has received encouragement and instruction from Mr. Timberlake.
• Gina Spencer received the Recognition of High Performance School for 3 consecutive years’ plaque from DPI.
II. Consent Agenda
The consent agenda was approved.
A. Student Placements
B. Memorandum of Understanding – Smart Start & Lexington City Schools
C. Overnight Field Trip Request Attachment
D. Substitutes
III. Appearance by Citizen(s)
No citizens requested to address the board.
IV. City Council
No school related business was discussed at the September 22nd city council meeting.
V. Business and Finance
Shelly Gentle presented the monthly budget report. The budget was approved.
VI. Curriculum & Instruction
A. Read to Achieve Data
Emy Garrett presented a comparison of LCS testing data with the newly released state disaggregated testing data.
B. AMAO Outcomes Report
Karen Beard distributed handouts and gave a presentation of the AMAO (Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives) Report. The report showed that LCS met all Title 3 Objectives.
C. Data Research
Mr. Kriesky spoke about working with Dr. Horn to learn more about mining and disaggregating testing data. Dawn Poole and Stacy Ellison then gave a presentation comparing the Hispanic subgroups to overall testing population in Lexington City Schools. Ms. Poole presented the EOC testing data, followed by Ms. Ellison who presented data for grades 3-8. Overall, the data shows where the Hispanic population is maintaining growth, but also shows in what areas the Hispanic subgroup is struggling. This shows us where work needs to be done. Similar comparison will be completed for all other subgroups.
VII. Board of Education
A. Report on September Board Visit to South Lexington Development Center
B. Set date for October School Board visit
The board will visit Pickett School on Thursday, October 30th at 11:45.
C. Change in Board Meeting Dates
• January 20th, 2015
• April 21st, 2015
• July 14th, 2015
D. Parent Conference Times – October 27th, 2014
• Elementary School: 11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
• Middle & High Schools: 12:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
E. Voting Delegates Form for annual Conference in November
The voting delegates will be Janice Hunter and Ryan Harman.
F. Redrawing Elementary Districts
Ms. Garrett updated the board on the progress of the Elementary Boundary Committee. The committee expects to make a decision at their next meeting on whether to make a recommendation to the board.
G. Balanced Calendar
Nicole Piggott updated the board on the Balanced Calendar Committee, which is looking into the possibility of changing to a yearlong calendar.
H. SRO Update
City Manager Alan Carson addressed the board about the status of the SRO program.
I. Updated MOU – Early College, Yadkin Valley Academy
Discussion was postponed until after Mr. Kriesky meets with the superintendents of Thomasville City Schools and Davidson County Schools at the end of the month.
J. MOU-Legal Services
A MOU will be drafted for Brinkley Walser PLLC.
VIII. Superintendent
A. Goals I & J
Mr. Kriesky presented a draft of his understanding of what the board had asked to be added to the superintendent evaluation. The goals were approved
B. Lexington City Schools Backpack 5K Run
Ms. Piggott updated the board on the upcoming 5K Backpack Run.
IX. Closed Session
X. Personnel