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School Board Briefs :: January 15, 2013


BOARD REVIEW for February 5, 2013

The Lexington City Board of Education held its regular monthly meeting on February 5, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. in the Administrative Office located at 1010 Fair St.., Lexington, NC.  At that time they considered the following items:


            I.          Spotlight on People and Programs

                        The Board recognized Mayor Clark, former Mayor John Walser and former City Manager John Gray. 

                        A.        Introduction of “Poetry Out Loud” Representative

                                    Mr. Kriesky introduced Mary Caroline Sharpe, who will go on to represent LCS in the state competition on March 16th.  Caroline recited “I Carry Your Heart with Me” by e. e. cummings.

                        B.        Be Somebody Recognition

                                        The student recognized was Nicholas Chazz Hill, an 11th grade student at LSHS.
                                        The classified staff members recognized were Franceska McElveen, a Teacher Assistant at South Lexington Developmental Center and Kelly NCWISE Data Manager with South Lexington.

                  C.        Technology Teacher of the Month

                              The Technology Teacher of the Month was Kristi Thornhill, a science teacher with LSHS.

                  D.        Academic Boosters Club

                              Mr. Kriesky gave a presentation introducing the Academic Boosters Club, a club that will support academic competitions throughout the Lexington City Schools.  The club began as a dream of Robert Curlee…a dream of honoring academics in the same way athletics are honored as a way of building a school system of academic champions.  Mayer Clark, former Mayer Walser and former City Manager Gray are a part of, and attended in support of the boosters club.

           II.          Consent Agenda – The consent agenda was approved.

  1. Student Placement

         III.          Appearance by Citizen(s) – No citizens requested to address the Board.

         IV.          City Council Meeting – Betty Pope reported on the City Council Meeting of January 28th in which there was a public hearing about Resolution No. 13-13, renaming Raleigh Road and West 6th Street to Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard.  The resolution was adopted.

           V.          Policy

                        A.        Discussion Item – David Inabinett introduced the following policies for consideration.  They will stand for 30 days and will be considered for approval next meeting.

                                    1.         Reimbursement for Travel Expenses

                                    2.         Visitors to the Schools

                        B.        Education for Pregnant and Parenting Students – The policy was approved.

         VI.          Business and Finance

                         A.        Monthly Financial Report

                                    Shelly Gentle presented the monthly budget update.

        VII.          Board of Education

                        A.        Board Report of School Visit to Pickett School on January 29th

                                    Cindy Norman reported on the visit to Pickett.

                        B.        Reminder of Lexington Middle School visit on February 13th at 11:45 a.m.

                        C.        School Calendar – the 30 day waiting period was waived and the calendar was approved.

                  VIII.          Superintendent

                                    A.        Finishing the Transformation

                                                Mr. Kriesky gave a presentation about the transformation of Lexington City Schools.  In 2009, the reorganization of grades 1-8 was approved in two steps.  In step 1, our elementary schools were organized to have only Pre-K and Kindergarten students at South Lexington and grades 1-5 at Pickett, Southwest and Charles England.  The result of that reconfiguration coupled with key curriculum changes was evidenced by significant growth of our test scores.  Other changes had been considered, but were postponed to be considered at a later date.  The presentation was for information only to educate new board members about the changes made.

         IX.          Closed Session

           X.          Open Session/Personnel