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Welcome to the Lexington City Schools web site. We are very proud of our school system and strive to continuously move forward in the educational arena. Our system values academic excellence as well as excellence in athletics and the arts. We understand that it is not enough to focus narrowly on one or two areas ofstudent development. It is vital that we educate our students to not only compete in a global economy, but we must also instill in them a hunger for life long learning, civic responsibility, and character development.

Our school board, along with our certified and classified staff, are committed to making decisions based upon what is best for our students, both individually and collectively. We recognize our challenges and will continue to be a school system which is student centered.

In the Lexington City Schools, community and parental input is not only welcomed, it is encouraged. Please take the time to visit a school, talk to a teacher or administrator, or give me a call. We understand that our school system is part of a larger community. We also understand that our students are our community'sfuture.

Rick Kriesky

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