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BOARD REVIEW for January 20, 2015
The Lexington City Board of Education held its regular monthly meeting on January 20, 2015 at 6:30 p.m. in the Administrative Office located at 1010 Fair St., Lexington, NC. At that time they considered the following items:

I. Spotlight on People and Programs
A. New members Brian Lancaster and John Burke were welcomed to the Board. Scott Biesecker was elected for Board Chair and Robert Curlee for Vice Chair.
B. Elementary Oratorical Competition
The board congratulated the winners of the Elementary Oratorical Competition. The 1st place winner was Eret Blackwell, a 5th grade student from Southwest. Micah Owens, a 4th grade student from Southwest finished in 2nd place. Two students tied for 3rd place, Samuel West, a 3rd grade student from Charles England; and Jeremiah York, a 5th grade student from Southwest.
C. 2015 National At-Risk Youth Forum
LCS has been asked to share our graduation rate success story at the 2015 National At-Risk Youth Forum at Clemson University.
II. Consent Agenda
With the exception of Substitutes, which was pulled to be reviewed in closed session, the consent agenda was approved.
A. Memorandum of Understanding – Lexington City Schools & City Schools Consortium
B. Substitutes
C. Overnight Field Trip Request
III. Appearance by Citizen(s)
No citizens requested to address the board at this time.
IV. City Council
Scott Biesecker reported that Brian Lancaster was appointed as a new board member in the January 12th City Council meeting.
V. Policy
The policies will stand for 30 days and will come up for approval in the February board meeting.
A. 1.13.15 Injury and Loss Prevention (new)
B. 2.26 School Safety (revised)
C. 2.8 Visitors to the Schools (revised)
D. 4.8 School Volunteers (revised)
VI. Business and Finance
A. December Financial Summary
Shelly Gentle presented the financial summary for December. The summary was approved.
B. Budget Amendments
The budget amendments were approved.
VII. Board of Education
A. Recommendation from Calendar Committee
The calendar committee recommended drafting a proposed calendar that would be made available to parents and the community. The proposed calendar would provide an opportunity for the community to see what a balanced calendar would look like. A series of parent forums would then be held that would provide opportunities for feedback. After this time, if the proposed calendar receives board approval, it would be implemented in the 2016-17 school year. The recommendation to draft a proposed calendar was approved.
B. Social Media Request
Mr. Kriesky would like to use all avenues to gain feedback on the balanced calendar. He requested that the board approve the creation of a Facebook page to allow parents and community members an opportunity to ask questions and to express their concerns. The webpage would be a closed forum, meaning it would not be open to the general public. It would also be monitored in order to prevent any content other than that which is directly related to the balanced calendar.
C. Recommendation from District Lines Committee
Two maps of Lexington showing elementary district boundary were on display. The first was a map that displayed elementary district lines as they now exist. The second map displayed elementary district lines as they are proposed. If the board approves district lines as recommended, it is estimated that student attendance would be much more evenly distributed between the three elementary schools. Pictures of the maps were to run in the Lexington Dispatch and to be on display on the LCS website. The board requested that a letter be sent home to affected parents explaining how the change would affect them and that would let them know where the maps could be found. It was suggested that maps be on display in the affected schools as well. The board will vote in the next board meeting whether to approve the district lines as presented.
D. Report Card Resolution
Mr. Kriesky presented a resolution entitled “Resolution Regarding the State’s Proposal to Assign Letter Grades to Each Public School”. The letter grades proposed by the state disproportionately emphasizes achievement, thereby negating the importance of growth. The resolution states that we do not agree with the letter grade system as proposed and would work with other systems to create a more accurate grading system, but we would comply. The resolution was approved.
E. Report on Board Visit to Charles England Elementary School on January 8th
Board members reported enjoying their visit to Charles England Elementary School. Board members particularly enjoyed the student guides that led them around during the visit.
F. Set Date for February School Visit
The next board visit will be to Lexington Senior High School on February 11th at 11:45 a.m.
VIII. Closed Session
IX. Personnel