Exam Schedule possible changes due to weather

LSHS Exam Schedule - possible changes due to weather

Alternative Exam Schedule In the Event of School Schedule Disruptions Due to Weather: Jan. 14-18, 2019


In preparation for the possible change to school schedules the week of Jan.14-18, 2019 due to inclement weather, Lexington Senior High School will follow the alternative testing schedules posted below.




Plan A: If school is cancelled on Monday


Tues - 1/15 - 1st period exams

Wed - 1/16 - 2nd period exams

Thur  - 1/17 - 3rd period exams 

Fri - 1/18 - 4th period exams

Mon -1/21 - MLK Jr. Holiday

Tues - 1/22 - Makeup exams




Plan B: If school is delayed on Monday (1, 2, or 3 hour delayed start)


1- hour delay on 1/14 - 1st period exams will begin at 9:20

2 - hour delay on 1/14- 1st period exams will begin at 10:20

3 - hour delay on 1/14 - School will begin at 11:20 and 1st period exams will NOT occur. Plan A will then be implemented. 


*Testing will always occur in consecutive order: 1st period, 2nd period, 3rd period, 4th period, makeups.




Additional communication plans to notify parents and students of changes. 


  • LCS & the superintendent will send a call out to parents Friday regarding potential changes to the school schedule the following week. The call will include information for students and parents regarding where to find the alternative exam schedule.

  • LSHS will send out a phone call out as soon as the announcement is made about Monday's school schedule along with the exam information. 

  • LSHS will send a call every evening during exam week to remind students and parents of the next day’s exam schedule and expectations.

  • The Exam Schedule will be posted on the high school and district’s websites. 

  • LSHS has been making in-school announcements for students this week, Jan. 7-11, keeping them informed of the schedule and potential changes.