About Lexington City Schools

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    Our overarching district goal is to provide our students and our community with schools that are both equitable and excellent. We aspire to build school environments where students are learning at their highest academic levels.  
    Throughout the United States, data indicate gaps and inconsistencies in the academic success, discipline referrals, and graduation rates of different segments of our society. In Lexington City Schools, we are striving to build a culture with no persistent patterns of differences in academic success or treatment among students grouped by race, ethnicity, culture, neighborhood, household income, or home language.  
    As a district, we are monitoring data regarding:
    • Achievement 
    • Growth 
    • Discipline
    • Attendance
    • Exceptional Children (EC) and Academically/Intellectually Gifted (AIG)
    • Graduation and Dropout rates 
    • Enrollment in honors courses
    • Representation in clubs and organizations 

    Our self-evaluation efforts are rigorous and ongoing to ensure we are making progress in becoming an equitable school district for all.