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Degrees and Certifications:

Doctoral Degree - Education Leadership Master's Degree - Education Curriculum and Instruction


 Dear Families,

Welcome to the most awesome school year ever! I can’t wait to see the enthusiastic faces that I know will greet me this year and to get to know each and every one of them, including your child. This is my 5th year of teaching in a public school setting and my 4th year teaching in first grade. I know that many of you may feel a little uncertain about the success of your child this year, but I feel comfortable with the curriculum and what we need to accomplish this year. I am a grandmother of five and a great grandmother, (one in the fourth grade, and 4 grandchildren with their own families). I take care of my 88-year-old mother. We love to travel when we can. 

I can schedule office hours to meet with families or help those who may need additional support. Hopefully, you will take the opportunity to meet with me and if you share a time you can be available. I believe that there is no one who knows your child as well as or in quite the same way that your family does and would appreciate learning from you about his/her strengths during this school year so that I can be the best teacher that he/she has ever had! As I log on into my classroom each day, I always think about my own grandchild walking into classrooms in their own community and I promise you that I will always treat your child as I want mine to be treated. 

Thank you very much for entrusting me with your most prized possession! 

Sincerely yours, 

Dr. Inez Collins

First Grade Teacher