Jacket Parent Academy

    Welcome to the resource designed especially for parents & guardians…..The Jacket Parent Academy (JPA)! 

  • Mission

    The mission of Jacket Parent Academy is to increase parent, student and community involvement in the Lexington City Schools district. The Jacket Parent Academy increases and empowers involvement by...


    • Encouraging volunteerism
    • Providing equitable, diverse, educational opportunities to increase parent/community understanding of critical elements pertaining to student academics
    • Serving as an outlet to express views, concerns and ask questions regarding education
    • Alleviating the work-life-child-school-balance stressors 
  • Goals

    *Seek Parent/Community Involvement


    *Support Parent/Community Involvement


    *Strive for Student/Parent Success in Student Academics



  • Advantages

    Studies show that parent involvement is essential to a student's well-being. When parents are involved, improvement is shown in many areas. The Jacket Parent Academy will foster these areas. 

    • Confidence Boost
    • Increased Accountability
    • Positive Behaviors & Attitudes
    • Perfect/Stable Attendance
    • Improvement in Grades
    • Improvement in Test Scores
    • Better Social Skills
    • Strengthened Bonds (Teacher-Parent-Student)
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