• The time for rebuilding Lexington pride, spearheading community innovation, and supporting economic development is now!

    LCS has been an important part of our town’s history, and we want to see it continue to thrive.  By investing in our students, we are also helping them to become better people. Good people are the foundation of a good community.

    The bid opening for the Football/Soccer Field and Track project was held on February 10, 2022.  The company that won the bid was AstroTurf Corporation, based here in Lexington, NC.

    Our program is built on a belief that youth sports are about more than just skills and scores.

    The funds to pay for this project were obtained from:
    ● The Davidson County Board of County Commissioners
    ● LCS Board of Education General Fund Balance
    ● State issued lottery funds

    The success of the new Football/Soccer Field and Track project would support the following:
    ● Building a healthy community by providing a fun and safe environment for families to come together and fellowship. This project was designed to strengthen family dynamics and enhance their experience in spending quality time together locally.
    ● Providing extracurricular options to get students more involved. Two factors that come into play when people are researching youth crime are boredom and a lack of supervision. A blooming athletics program and facility gives students a place to belong and helps reduce antisocial behavior.
    ● Providing high quality fields that can generate future revenue for LCS and the city of Lexington through:
              ○ AAU Tournaments
              ○ Conference and State Matches
              ○ Facility Rentals

    Stay tuned for updates pertaining to the Football/Soccer Field and Track renovations project as well as the upcoming Athletics Complex Fundraising efforts!