If what you are doing, INTERFERES with learning; HURTS someone's heart; PREVENTS you from being your BEST SELF. YOU SHOULD'NT BE DOING IT.


    The 5 P's: Prompt, Prepared, Productive, Polite, and Patient.

    • Prompt - Be on Time. Follow directions quickly.
    • Prepared - Always keep your game face on. Make no excuses.
    • Productive - Maximize your time. Show urgency.
    • Polite - Be nice or neutral. Make wise choices.
    • Patient - Show Respect. Wait your turn.

    Consquences - Every action is a choice. Choose wisely.

    1. Initial warning.
    2. 2nd warning.
    3. Final warning.
    4. 5 to 10 minute break.
    5. Relocation/Write-Up/Call Home.