• Students are given a Monthly Spelling Choice Board to use with their Spelling Words, as well as a Monthly Homework Choice Board. Students can complete these activities and turn in on notebook paper, submit electronically, or have a parent take a photo and send it to me via Class Dojo. 

    *I cannot post images/screenshots of the choice boards due to copyrights. All students are given one at the beginning of each month. If your child needs a new copy, please let me know and I can print it and send it home that way. 

    Students should also be checking out books and exchanging them throughout the week. Library books are great books to read nightly at home with a sibling, parent, or family member. 

    Students are also expected to practice addition and subtraction math facts nightly. Being able to add and subtract one-digit numbers is a basic skill 2nd graders need in order to be successful at all other math skills. 

    Students are also given a new newsletter each month. It's on the back of their Blue/Orange Take-Home Folder. Please be sure you are checking those and paying close attention to the dates and important events.