• Our class will be working on Math, Science, Social Studies, Writing, Language Arts and Reading.  In Social Studies we will be learning more about North America.


    My expectations for the class is that the students come to class ready to learn, participate in class discussions, complete all assignments/projects, be in class every day and on time.  We all know how important it is for our scholars to be in class ready to learn.  If a scholar is absent, they are responsible for getting the information/assignments they have missed.  Depending on how long they are absent, they will be given just a day or two for completing the missed assignments.  
    I hold high expectations for each and every scholar in my class.

    Transportation:  If you need to make temporary transportation changes, please make sure to send a note to me.  For example, if he/she is a bus rider normally, and for some reason you need them to be a car rider for a day, then please send a note other wise they will continue with their original transportation.