• Starting this week.  I will be sending home a weekly packet of homework (Reading and Math). On Monday they will read a passage and answer the questions that pertain to the passage.  Then they will do Monday Math.  They are to complete the work for each night and bring it back to class each day.  We will go over it during Morning work.  They will repeat the process Monday-Thursday.  It is their responsibility to keep up with their papers.  Extra copies will not be made.

    I Ready Math and Reading can be assessed from home


    Here are some websites that you can use for extra help for your child.



    When you reach the log-in for Moby Max the school number is AC2111. Your child will use their email address for the user name and Abcd1234 for the password.

    For reading, they can go to Epic books for kids.


    The student code is sej9002