Ms. Scales Contact Information  My email is and the school number is (336) 242-1548. The best way to reach me is through email or our ClassDojo. I check my email in the morning before students arrive, and in the afternoon after dismissal. If there is an urgent or time-sensitive issue, such as a change in transportation, please contact the office with your information and they may contact the classroom.

2nd Grade Ms. Scales
2nd Grade Teacher Ms. Scales

10 Things to Know About Ms. Scales 1. When I was in 2nd grade my favorite subject was writing. I would fill up pages with make-believe stories! 2. I love to travel. I love making my way to a beautiful beach as much as possible during the summer! 3. I cannot go a day without a cup of coffee or matcha green tea. ​4. I read constantly! I always need to have some sort of book to read or listen to. It's my way of relaxing. 5. My go-to snacks are fruits! Strawberries, grapes, mangos, and cantaloupe are my favorites! 6. I love being outside on a beautiful day, so expect many days of a little Extra Recess! 7. I really enjoy using technology and learning new ways to bring that into our classroom! We will learn many fun ways to use our iPads for learning this year! 8. I've educated kindergartens and first graders, SECOND Grade is by far my favorite! 9. I love listening to "Focus Music" we will do a lot of that during the school year! I believe listening to music while we're working allows us to produce our best work! 10. My favorite holidays are Halloween and Christmas, I tend to get a little festive during those times!