• Lexington Middle School

    Health & Physical Education Syllabus



    This course is a part of the North Carolina Essential Standards.  The Healthy Living Curriculum is designed to promote lifelong physical activity through various activities.  That includes cooperative activities, fitness assessment, individual sports, team sports, and leisure activities.  Also, it is designed to promote a healthy lifestyle by providing accurate information and skills for students to make healthy choices in life.




    PHYS. ED:      Gym clothing- t-shirt, athletic shorts, sweatshirt/pants, tennis shoes are suggested 

                               PE days : This allows student to participate to the best of their ability

    • Clothing must be compliant with LMS dress code
    • Clothing does not have to be a specific color for gym class, however, clothing must fit properly- meaning it must not be too loose or too tight.  If you have to question whether clothing is appropriate or not, do not wear it.
    • No books bags in the gym
    • No electronic devices used during class!  (Lexington Middle School Handbook)


    HEALTH:        Folder and 1 subject notebook (journal), pen/pencil

    • You will be given supplementary and instructional materials to put into your notebook.
    • No electronic devices used during class unless directed by the teacher! (Lexington Middle Student Handbook)



    Students will begin each day with a 100.  P.E. grades are based on  participating in class.  Students not participating as a result of an injury will receive a 0 for the day, unless they complete a work packet.  An additional 5 points will be deducted for being tardy to class and being a disciplinary problem (disruptiveness, disrespect, noncompliant).


    Health will represent 50% of the final grade.  Grades will come from classwork and quizzes. 25% for classwork and 25% for quizzes. Each student will be notified when they have health class. Each student will need a folder notebook and pencil or pen. If a student chooses to skip health class and stays in the gym they will be given a zero for health class.  It is the student’s responsibility to request and make-up work due to absences.




    You will not use the lockers in the locker room.  Any valuables should be left in your school locker. LMS will not be responsible for any items stolen from the locker room or the gym.  All personal items will be left along the wall in the gym. iPads will be placed in the cart.  The locker room will be locked at all times, unless you have to use the bathroom.




    • Respect teachers and classmates and yourself. 
    • NO FOOD in the gym and No Drinks on the gym floor.
    • NO profanity or derogatory words 
    • Keep hands and feet to yourself.
    • Voice level at a 0 in the health room unless directed by the teacher.   


    DISCIPLINE PROCEDURES: In PE class and Health class 


    1st - Warning and redirection

    2nd - Parent Contact (call work or home)/conference with student 

    3rd -  Lunch detention and documented parent conference 

    4th - Team Conference with Student & Parent (Face to Face or Virtual)

    5th - Discipline referral to administration (Depending on the severity of the situation, steps 2-4 can be skipped.)