• Expectations

    1. Every student will be expected to study their notes 20-30 minutes every night as well as do outside reading and assignments. Class time is precious and we will waste very little of that time. Be prepared to move through some topics very quickly. We will cover a tremendous amount of material, and lack of effort and poor attendance will set students up for failure. Effort will be rewarded in many of the assignments.
    2. Please use Canvas and PowerSchool to look up your grades weekly. I will try my best to keep grades updated. I do not want progress reports or report cards to be the first time you see your average in the course.
    3. Copying/Plagiarism - Many of the assignments will be collaborative assignments. However if the assignment requires independent thought and a student copies another student’s work, both students will receive zeros for the assignment, the parents/guardians will be notified and both students will be written up for violating a school wide policy.
    4. Cell Phones - The school policy is that they are not allowed to be used in class at all. This policy is school wide regardless of whether a phone is being used for educational purposes. That policy will be enforced in my classroom. Students can listen to music on their computer as an award during individual work time and it must be kept at a volume that is not distracting to others and students must bring headphones.
    5. Behavior - The classroom behavior policy corresponds directly with the school’s policy. After a first offense, students receive a verbal warning. After a second offense, students will receive a call home. Students are expected to adhere to the Virtual Expectations for this course.