• It is going to be a great year in art!!  

    This course will focus on the elements of art, principles of design, the basic techniques and concepts of drawing and painting.  Students will experiment and refine technical skills using a variety of media.  Students will be exposed to a variety of artists and their works and will have an opportunity to create, write and discuss about their own works.  Students will be required to keep a portfolio and sketchbook for this class.


    Throughout the year, selected student works will be on display inside and outside of the art department as well as throughout the school and community.  Works not on display that have been graded may be taken home at any time.


    Art projects will be graded on Craftsmanship, Creativity and Effort. While recognizing each student is an individual artist, they cannot compare grades.  Grades will come from daily assignments, projects and class participation.  It is the student’s responsibility to complete the work assigned on his/her own and to be aware of deadlines.  Studio time will be provided during class as students use their time wisely.  Points will be taken off for late work.  It’s expected that parents/guardians and students use PowerSchool to be aware of their grades at all times.

    In This Classroom

    Students are expected to get to class on time, be prepared to learn with the necessary materials and work on assigned tasks at all times.

    In Our School

    LMS Discipline Policy is stated in the Student Handbook and is to be followed at all times.  This code is meant to be embraced by the entire school starting each day.

    Common Respect

    • All students are expected to respect themselves, classmates, teacher, substitute or any staff member on campus
    • All students are allowed to leave work in the art room for the duration of their class
    • All students are allowed to create in a unique way without negative comments from others

    NO food, gum, drinks, electronic device, headphones, cell phone or fidget spinner will be allowed 


    Expected Behaviors:

    • All students will sit in an assigned seat
    • Students are only allowed in designated student areas
    • Students aren’t allowed to touch the paper cutters or art machinery without approval and supervision
    • All students are responsible for cleaning their own areas and assisting in maintaining the art room in general.
    • Any misuse of any art supply, tool or school property will result in the student paying the current catalog price to replace that item(s)
    • Voice levels should remain at Level 1: talking to students across the room is prohibited; foul language is prohibited
    • Following all regular school rules as outlined in the Student Handbook
    • Absolutely NO horseplay, non-compliance, disrespect, harassment, damaging property or disruption will be tolerated.

    Academic Expectations

    • Students are expected to put maximum effort into their work and remain on task the entire period
    • Students are expected to hand in artwork on time and in its designated location
    • Students are expected to write their name and period on all classwork
    • Students will work on an ‘extra time lesson’ or drawing if they finish their work early. No homework from other classes is allowed nor simply sitting and talking