• Classroom expectations:  Students are expected to arrive on time for class. It is important that students come to class prepared and ready to learn. Students are expected to familiarize themselves with and adhere to school and classroom expectations.

      • No food, drink (other than bottled water), or chewing gum in the classroom (exceptions will be made for documented medical reasons and special class activities and celebrations).
      • All backpacks, duffle bags and “fanny packs” must remain in lockers.
      • No cell phones, earbuds, headphones or personal electronic devices.
      • Students are expected to dress in accordance with the school board policy.
      • Be prepared for class each day. Come ready to learn and with all necessary materials, which includes your homework. 
      • Put forth your best effort.
      • Pay attention, participate and ask questions. Engage in what is going on in the classroom.
      • Use polite and appropriate language.
      • Show respect for the teacher, yourself and others at all times. 
      • Take responsibility for your actions.
      • Preserve a positive learning environment. Student actions that interfere with teaching or learning in the classroom will not be tolerated. 

     Homework:  Homework will be assigned throughout the week. It is very important that students complete the homework when it is assigned, as it is given to help them practice key ideas. When homework is given, it will often be checked and counted as a grade.  Along with homework given, even when it is not, it is important for students to review notes and materials that have been given in class. Typically, I do not give out extra credit assignments. However, there may be leadership opportunities available throughout the year (at my discretion) for students to earn additional points towards their classwork/participation grade. 

    Absence:  Students who are absent will be in charge of making sure they get the work they missed. It is the student's responsibility to check Canvas for any work they missed and submit it within the appropriate time frame. For example, if a student is absent one day, he or she will have one day to make up for the missed work. 

    Late Work:  It is the student’s responsibility to complete and turn in all assignments on time. If the assignment is late, they must make sure it is turned in to receive credit. I will only accept work one day late and there will be points reduced from the overall grade earned for that assignment. 

    * Classwork assignments that are not due by the end of class, may be completed as homework but must be submitted the next day in order to receive credit.

    iPads:  As a class, we will be using iPads. Students are responsible for respecting, maintaining and caring for their iPads. This is a privilege and not a right and will be dealt with accordingly.  Students are responsible for reporting any damage to their iPads as soon as possible.

    Materials:  Students will need two spiral or composition notebooks, one folder with pockets, pencils, colored pencils, one pair of small scissors, markers, a ruler, and glue sticks. 


    Tests/Projects: 35%

    Quizzes:  25%               

    Classwork/Participation: 25%                            

    Homework: 15%    

    Grading Scale:       

    100-90        A

     89-80         B   

     79-70         C

    69-60          D

    59- below    F