• We will examine 7 main areas of Science this year in the following order:

    1. Matter, properties and changes. We will look at atoms and changes in matter.

    2. Energy: Conservation and transfer. We will examine thermal energy and electromagnetic energy. 

    3. Forca and motion: We will study the properties of waves and the electromagnetic spectrum.

    4. Earth's System, Structure and Processes. We will study plate tectonics, the rock cycle and soil formation.

    5. Structure and fuction of living organisms. We will study the structure and function of flowering plants, photosysnthesis and cellular respiration.

    6. Ecosystems. We will examine the flow of energy through ecosystems and we will look at biomes.

    7. Earth in the Universe. We wil examine the relationship between the earth, moon and sun. We will examine the solar system and space exploration.