World History is the first of 4 required social studies classes for high school graduation.  In addition to learning basic skills for studying and understanding history, the course will chronologically cover 7 time periods in History, ranging from 3500 BCE to the 2000s CE.  Major ideas include what makes a civilization, how they grow, and how they interact with each other.  These concepts will give students an understanding of how past events and ideas have shaped today's world.


    The grades for each quarter will be figured as follows:

    Tests--35% (8 Unit Tests, other large projects may count)

    Quizzes--25% (weekly quiz checks of information)

    Homework--10% (additional practice questions, written responses)

    Classwork/Participation--30% (daily activities, writings and guided notes, answering/asking questions during class, completion of required work at home if required)


    The final course grade will be calculated as follows:

    1st quarter—40%  2nd quarter—40%  Teacher Made Final Exam-20%


    All work turned in late will result in a loss of 10% credit for each day it is late.  Failure to make up the work within a reasonable period of time will result in a failing grade. (59 max)   However, the only way to make a 0 on an assignment is not to do it within a progress report period. (every three weeks!)


    Required Materials (have in classroom every day!!)

    Binder 2” 

    Loose Notebook Paper



    Absences and Make-Up Work--It is your responsibility to keep track of your assignments and make them up following absences.  Students have one day to make up work after each absence.  If a student is absent on the day an assignment is due, then it is due the day they return.  Unexcused absences result in a failing grade for assignments missed.  Students who are assigned to either in school or out of school suspension must complete all assignments that have been provided for them.  Students must bring an attendance slip from the main office to class the first day back following a missed class.


    Lexington City Schools’ attendance policy states that students who have ten or more absences in a class must make up time for that course.  If they do not, they will receive a failing grade for the course.  Five tardies equals one absence for this policy.  This counts for excused or unexcused absences.  Saturday school sessions will be offered for make up time.  

    Class Time Use

    Tardy—You are considered late to class when the bell rings if you are not seated in the classroom.  When the bell rings I will shut the door and if you do not have a note from an administrator or teacher you are tardy.

    Restroom breaks—not allowed during the first 20 minutes or the last 20 minutes of the class period.  


    If you are tardy to class you will not be allowed to use the restrooms during that class period.  You are allowed only 9 restroom visits per 9 weeks.  If you have a medical condition that requires you to leave more often please have your parents contact me.  


    Other Class Rules

    1. Follow all teacher instructions.

    2. Be silent when the teacher speaks and turn off all electronics.

    3. No food or drinks are allowed. (bottled water is an exception)  Leave the room cleaner than you found it.

    4. Follow all Lexington Senior High rules.

    5. Have pencil, paper, and notebook ready every day.

    6. Be in your seat and working at the bell.  Continue work until class is dismissed.

    7. Be responsible for your own work.  Stay on task when using iPads.


    Exact timing and pacing will be updated as the semester progresses.


    Unit 1: Ancient Civilizations and Empires (13 days)

    Unit 2: Medieval Europe (11 days)

    Unit 3: Age of Reform (12 days)

    Unit 4: Age of Revolution (9 days)

    Unit 5: Age of Imperialism and WWI (7 days)

    Unit 6: World War II (11 days)

    Unit 7: The Cold War (9 days)

    Unit 8: The Modern Age (9 days)


    Parent-Teacher Contact--Student progress reports will be sent home every three weeks.  My e-mail is dgoodwin@lexcs.org Conferences may be arranged through the Student Services' offices.