• Necessary Items to Bring to Class

    1. Computer/ iPad (Optional until school distribution)       2. Pens or Pencils         3. Notebook Paper          4. Sanitizing Wipes and Gel 


    **Any donations of Kleenex,  hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, notebook paper, and pencils will replace up to 3 classwork/ homework grades at the end of the quarter.**


    Everyday Classroom Rules

    Be Responsible 

    • Ask questions. 
    • Arrive with your laptop, charger, and all needed materials. 
    • Stay awake.

    Be Respectful 

    • Avoid unnecessary disruptions. 
    • Do not use headphones or cellphones during instruction.
    • Profane language and bullying peers is unacceptable.   

    Be Prompt

    • Arrive to class on time.
    • Stay engaged in learning throughout the class period. 
    • Submit your assignments on time. 


    Disciplinary Actions 

    Students are expected to maintain a calm demeanor that is conducive to a positive learning environment. The following actions to be taken in the case that rules and expectations are not met.

    • Write-Ups to Administration
    • Parent/ Guardian Phone Calls (Following Name on the Board) 
    • Removal from class.
    • Reassignment to Virtual Learning 


    Cheating and Plagiarism 

    Students are expected to complete their own assignments in class and out of class, free from cheating, plagiarism, and copying their classmate’s work. If these expectations are not met, then the following actions will be taken. 

    • All parties receiving a zero on the assignment and it not being accepted
    • Write-Ups to Administration
    • Parent/ Guardian Phone Calls


    LSHS Dress Code 

    • The Lexington City Schools School Board prohibits any appearance or clothing that does the following:
    • Violates a reasonable dress code adopted and publicized by the school;
    • Is substantially disruptive (for information on gang-related attire, see policy LSHS Policy on Gangs and Gang Activity)
    • Is provocative or obscene
    • Endangers the health or safety of the student or others


    Entering and Leaving the Classroom

    • Use the restroom before entering the classroom to avoid using restroom passes (8 per quarter).
    • Wait until independent work time at the end of the lesson explanation to ask permission to leave the classroom for any reason. 
    • Tear off a bathroom pass to give to me. 
    • Students are not allowed to leave the classroom during the first or last 10 minutes of the class period. 


    Assignment Information

    • All assignments are to be turned in when due. 
    • Any late work will receive point deductions. 
    • Any missing work will result in a zero in the gradebook until it is made up.
    • If you miss class, then review the Canvas module that you missed and complete and submit your missed assignment. Paper copies will be in the makeup work folder.



    10 Point Scale-  (A - 90-100; B - 80-89; C - 70-79; D - 60-69; F- 0-59)


    Assignment Weights 

                      Classwork- 20%

                       Homework 10%

                        Quizzes- 30%

                            Tests- 40%

    Tardies and Absences

    • Any time you are absent or arrive in class after the bell you will be marked absent or tardy.
    • 5 Tardies = 1 Absence
    • 8 Absences = Automatic Failure for the Semester 
    • When you are absent, you must take a note to the front office explaining your absence, in order for it to be made up.
    • You do not receive credit for the day until you make it up.   


    Communication is key!

    Go to your Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (Apple) on your personal device.

    Type Remind in the search bar.

    Download the app (don’t worry it’s %100 free)

    Create a login with your student email and a password that you will remember (I recommend your lunch #).

    Select join a class and enter our class code: 

    1st Block: @engharris1

    2nd Block: @engharris2

    4th  Block: @engharris4