• Syllabus

    Honors Psychology

    Ms. Love




    Honors Psychology

    The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the scientific investigation of behavior and mental processes in humans and other animals. The course includes an introduction to basic research methods, the relationship between biology and behavior, how conditioning, learning, and cognition affect behavior, how interaction with others influences thought, feelings, perceptions, and behaviors, and an understanding of human differences, including strategies for coping when those differences create dysfunction. 


    Units and Days

    Unit 1-  History, Perspectives, and Research Methods 

    Unit 2-  Biology

    Unit 3- Sensation and Perception and States of Consciousness 

    Unit 4-  Learning and Cognition 

    Unit 5- Motivation and Emotion 

    Unit 6-  Developmental and Personality 

    Unit 7- Testing and Individual Differences and Abnormal Behavior 

    Unit 8- Treatment 

    Unit 9- Social Psychology 

    Exam Review 


    ** Access your canvas for daily assignments and homework. 

    ** Unit tests will be given on the last day listed for the unit. 

    ** Because this is an Honors Class most units will have a project included. 



    One 3 inch 3 ring binder

    3 Ring Notebook Dividers- 8 tabs

    Pens, blue or  black ink



    Tests/Projects- 50%

    Journal/Homework- 10%  

    Notebook- 20%

    Classwork- 20%


    Classroom Policies


    Classroom Non-Negotiables:

    1. Be Prompt - come to class on time
    2. Be Prepared - bring the necessary materials and attitude to be successful
    3. Be Polite - The classroom is a place for exploration and learning, negativity slows these processes 

    Classroom Policies and Procedures:

    1. No food or drink allowed in classroom (water bottles only)
    2. Four bathroom passes per nine weeks

    Discipline Board Policy:

    • 1st offense: Name on board = warning
    • 2nd offense: Check beside name = 15 minutes After School Detention
    • 3rd offense: Check beside name = 30 minutes After School Detention and Parent Contact
    • 4th offense: Check beside name = Write up

    Tardy Policy: The first two tardies of a semester will result only in warnings. Subsequent tardies will result in after school detention. Beginning with the fifth tardy the student will be assigned ISS for each tardy. Every five tardies results in an absence in PowerSchool. 


    After School Detention: ASD will be served every Thursday after school, unless otherwise announced. It begins at 3:40 with a strict lock out policy. Students who fail to attend or who arrive late will be written up and assigned one block of ISS. Students may work on missing/late class work during detention; however, they may not talk, eat, or use any electronic devices. Refusal to comply will result in the student being asked to leave and a subsequent write up. Students must arrange for a ride to pick them up, walk, or ride the late bus home.


    Tutoring: Tutoring will be offered every Tuesday, unless otherwise announced. Tutoring will be available during lunch and after school until 4:15. Students may show up without appointment, although giving notice will allow me to have any materials necessary prepared when s/he arrives. Tutoring can be used as a time to complete missing work, finish in-class assignments that were not completed, or work with me on concepts that were not fully mastered. 

    Absences and Late Work: Late work will always be accepted but points will be deducted based on the amount of time and complexity of the assignment. Most likely a policy of losing ten points a day will be enforced. If you are absent for a day all of the materials for that day will be stapled together, dated, and have your name written on them. They will be placed in the missed work box in the front of the classroom. It is your responsibility to retrieve these materials upon your return. All missed tests must be made up after school.