LSHS Dance Department


    Meredith Worley




    Students in this course will focus on learning movement fundamentals through the dance elements of time, space and energy. The intent of this course is to give students an awareness and reverence for the physical body and its athletic and expressive capabilities. Students will experience these elements through the study of various styles of dance (jazz, hip hop, modern, ballet, african, tap and various social dances). Introductory elements of vocabulary, history, choreography and performance will also be included in this course. 


    LENGTH: 1 semester


    MAJOR TESTS: execution of choreography, improvisation, written tests (dance history / dance pioneers)



    Participation vs. Non-Participation: 

    • Participation

    o Dressed appropriately. Hair pulled up and out of the face, no large earrings or other jewelry during class time. 

    o Engaged in all activities and lessons.

    o Completes all written assignments on time. 

    o Attentive to instructor.

    • Non-Participation 

    o Not dressed appropriately for class. 

    o Not in engaged in all physical activities.

     o Does not turn in written assignments. 

    o Inattentive to instructor. 

    o Distracts other students from instructional activities and lessons.



    • Pen or pencil 
    • Spiral notebook
    • Required dance attire
    • laptop / ipad


    Active participation and attire for each class: 

    Shorts, leggings, t-shirt or tank top - modest attire. Black ballet shoes for boys and girls (I provide).

    Performance attire:

    Girls - plain ankle length black leggings (you provide) , black tank leotard (I provide).

    Guys - plain black athletic pants/joggers (you provide), top /t-shirt (I provide).

    Black ballet shoes for boys and girls (I provide).


    Participation & Engagement/Attendance/Appropriate Attire 50% 

         **Breakdown of participation: Dance is a participatory class. Each day you will be able to receive 100 points based on your participation. 

    100 points Daily PARTICIPATION: 

    a. Dress out on time - 10 points

    b. Dress out in proper dance attire - 20 points

    c. Hair up and out of face - 10 points

    d. Proper Shoes - 10 points

    e. Dance in class - warm up (at the barre or center), in class instruction, small groups, etc. - 40 points

    f. Participate in class discussion - 10 points

    Skill Tests & Quizzes/Written Tests 25%

    Assignments 25%