• Unit 1

    Historical Skills

    "Thinking like a Historian"


    Unit 2

    Ancient Civilizations

    "Sun rise, Sun set"


    Unit 3

    Rise and Fall of Empires

    "Effects of Expanding Empires"


    Unit 4

    World Religions

    "The Big 5"


    Unit 5

    Middle Ages

    "Middle Ages"


    Unit 6

    Renaissance and Exploration

    "The World Shrinks"


    Unit 7

    Revolutionary Ideas

    "Changes throughout the World"


    Unit 8

    Industrialization, Imperialism, and WWI

    “Industrialization, Imperialism and WWI”


    Unit 9

    Interwar Years and WWII

    "Interwar Years and WWII"


    Unit 10

    Post World War II

    "The World Divides"


    Unit 11


    "Changes brought by Global Wars"