• The Purpose of Homework

    The purpose of homework is to ensure that each student has the opportunity to practice, reinforce and extend the skills and concepts that are taught during the instructional day. Homework has value and is given to help your child succeed in school.  Homework also helps teach responsibility and helps in the development of long-lasting study habits.

    The Responsibilities of Parents:

    • Establish a daily routine and stick to it.
    • Provide a quiet place for your child to do homework.
    • Provide materials/resources needed for your child to be organized at home.
    • Encourage your child to show you his/her completed work.
    • Follow your child’s progress regularly.


    Helpful Tips:

    • Support, clarify and motivate, but do NOT do the homework for your child.
    • Investigate if your child NEVER has homework.
    • Help with memory work, such as math facts.
    • Help your child find information in books, newspapers and on the computer.
    • Focus on the things your child does well.
    • Let your child take a homework break, if needed. 


    Homework Outline

    Your child will have homework for four nights per week.

    • Mathematics
    • Reading Log
    • Reading Comprehension (based on child’s Reading Lexile)