• Lexington City Schools believes in the skills, knowledge and talents of our faculty which should be recognized and shared through colleague-led learning opportunities. Internal PL opportunities are intended to elevate and cultivate onsite expertise.

    LCS will be posting a variety of PL opportunities throughout the year on the calendar below. The calendar will be updated frequently with new sessions and activities, so check back often. 

    Please refer to the PL Guidelines page for a complete list of all guidelines.

    • School Media Coordinators are the primary point of contact and support for all Professional Learning resources, information and questions. 

    • All Professional Learning that occurs during normal school hours MUST FIRST BE APPROVED BY YOUR SCHOOL ADMINISTRATOR and substitute coverage arranged for the duration of the Professional Learning.

    • Internal Professional Learning may be developed and offered at the school and district level for CEU credit with PRIOR APPROVAL by the LCS Human Resources (HR) department. Admins and media coordinators should submit requests for Internal PL approval using the PL Proposal Form on the left side menu. Any PL not PRE-APPROVED cannot be issued CEU credit.

    • All Internal PL facilitators must submit a copy of the agenda and sign in sheets to the school media coordinator who will forward it to HR. Without the agenda and sign in sheets, CEU credit cannot be issued. 

    • All Internal PL requires participants to Register for the PL session at least 24 hours in advance to ensure there are seats and materials available. Use PL Registration form (left side menu.)  

    • All Internal PL requires participants to complete an online PL Evaluation Form (left side menu.)

    • All PL documentation for CEU credit must be turned in within 90 days of the completion of the PL activity. 

    • Please allow 10 school days from the date HR receives CEU documentation (certificate, sign in sheet with agenda, transcript, etc.) for your CEU History to be updated online.

    *Note the intended audience as designated in the PL title. If no designation is listed, it is open to all.
    (ELEM) - Elementary Only
    (SEC) - Secondary Only
    (CLOSED) - Specific Groups Only