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    The “Be Somebody” Award recognizes hard work, good character, and individuals who go above and beyond expectations to make their school a better place to learn.

    We are proud to recognize our MARCH "Be Somebody" Awards.  Thank you for all you do in LCS! 

  • Be Somebody - John

    Mr. John Boger / Classified  Employee/SLES & Developmental Center  

    “Mr. John Boger is being nominated for this award because he has shown that he is committed  to SLES and Developmental Center in that he recognizes the part that he plays in making the  school a better place. As a member of the Campus Enhancement Team he works diligently to support teachers and staff as they prepare for our students. So much so he walked about 5 miles to work on Saturday to make sure he could complete additional tasks. In addition, he  works to support the vision of the principal, to be EXCELLENT! Which makes him  Somebody to BE. “ - Dr. Richards


  • Be Somebody - Kristain

    Apple Learning Coach Certification Recognition 

    Mrs. Kristain Spain/ LSHS/ Teacher 

    “I would like to recognize Mrs. Kristain Spain, a Lexington Senior High teacher and multi-classroom teacher, who has completed and earned her certification from Apple as “Apple Learning Coaches”.  The “Apple Learning Coach” program is a free professional learning program that trains instructional coaches, digital learning specialists, and other coaching educators to help teachers get more out of Apple technology.

    Upon acceptance, participants complete a 4 month long self-paced course and attend two full days of virtual professional learning with Apple Education Specialists and fellow teachers from around the world. The course includes a dynamic mix of self-paced lessons, workshop sessions, and personal creative projects in which the participants develop their own coaching philosophy, develop their coaching skills as a digital learning coach, and submit a comprehensive coaching plan. This learning experience builds through the creation of a Coaching Portfolio, which candidates submit as their final assessment at the end of the course.

    Congratulations to Mrs Spain for earning this prestigious certification and for her continued support and commitment to Lexington City Schools!” - Dr. Anitra Wells