LCS recognizes the collaborative effort that it takes in the home, in the community, and the schools to prepare our youth for life and their future. As a substitute, you play a vital role in carrying out the daily activities planned by our educators, teacher assistants, custodians, bus drivers, and school nutrition workers while they are absent. You are essential in the on-going education of our young people to ensure the learning process continues. We thank you for your interest in becoming a substitute teacher with LCS, where we believe in equitable opportunities for all.

    SUBSTITUTES – Classroom, School Nutrition, Custodian

    1. Visit the LCS Job Board

    IMPORTANT:  The Job Board application is NOT compatible with mobile devices or tablets. You must use a desktop or laptop computer to complete the application.

    1. Search for available substitute positions.

      1. On the LCS Job Board webpage, type “SUB” in the search bar and hit Enter.
      2. Click on the job title you are applying for.
      3. Review the job description. If interested, click the button on the right labeled “Apply for Position.”

    2. Apply for the position.
      1. After choosing “Apply for Position,”, you will be on the Application page. From there, you can:
        1. Create a New Account – under the “I am a new applicant” section, select “Create New Account and Apply.” Follow the instructions on the screen.
        2. Existing LCS Account – under the “ I already have a HIRE account with LCS” section, log in with your username and password.
        3. Transfer Another Account – under the “I want to transfer my account” section, enter the requested information and click Continue. Follow the instructions on the screen.

    **Please note REFERENCES are completed electronically through your online application and should be completed by a present or past supervisors. If using other references, they should include co-workers you have worked with in the past. Friends or relatives will not be accepted as references.

    1. Applications will be reviewed. If your application is accepted, you will be contacted via email through the LCS Job Board. Please check your email frequently for recent communication.

    2. After receiving an email from the LCS Job Board, you will be invited to attend Orientation and complete the Onboarding Process.  The Onboarding Process requires:
      1. Criminal Background Check
      2. Drug Screening
      3. Driver’s License
      4. Social Security Card   (REQUIRED- No other documents can be substituted for your SS card for Payroll purposes. Your social security card must match your legal name.)

    **Note: Additional information regarding the Background Check and Drug Screening will be discussed during the Onboarding Process.

    SUBSTITUTES – Bus Driver / Monitor

    • For information about Substitute Bus Driver/Monitor, please contact Transportation at  (336)242-1527 Ext. 1109  -or-  Ext. 1110