• Mrs. Charles -Saint Pierre Katia, 6th Grade English Language Art

    Rule 1 prepared for class 

    Be on time.

    Enter the classroom calmly and quietly.

    When I begin class, have your notebook and pencil on your desk, be in your seat, and be silent.

    Have a pencil, pen, paper, agenda, and homework when you come to class.

     Rule 2 Respect yourself and others 

    Listen,  do not speak, or distract yourself while others are talking.

    Keep your hands and your feet to yourself. 

    No cell phones, toys, or other distracting items in the class.

    Rules 3 Be safe 

    Running, yelling, throwing, and fighting is unacceptable.

    Respect all personal and school property

    If you choose to break the rules, you select these consequences. 

    1. warning 

    2. think and write 

    3. phone call to your parents

    4. office referral