Mr. Graham’s Class

    Lexington Middle School – Room 605

    7th Grade Math (Core 1, 2, 3, 4, Homeroom and Thrive Time)

    Email: agraham@lexcs.org

    Classroom Expectations   Be Prompt - be on time and in your seat.

             (THE 4 P’s)                     Be Prepared - bring all needed materials to class. Notebooks and pencils are REQUIRED materials EVERYDAY.

                                                            Be Polite - respect yourself and others AT ALL TIMES

                                                       Be Productive - use your class time wisely to complete your classwork.

    Classroom Procedures

    1. All students must line up outside of class and wait to be instructed to enter.
    2. We will greet each other at the door with a ‘hello’ or ‘fist bump’ when entering the classroom.
    3. Check the board for the day’s directions as soon as you get to class.  Begin working on morning activity or warm-up.
    4. Remain in your seat AT ALL TIMES unless we are involved in a group activity which requires you to move or the teacher has instructed you to move.
    5. Please raise your hand to be recognized.
    6. Be sure to put your homework in a folder or notebook.  Each scholar will be held responsible for turning in his or her assignments ON TIME

    Disruptive Behavior

    All students will be given one warning of their behavior being disruptive.  If the student continues the behavior, a consequence will be given based on the Student Code of Conduct.  Talking during class shows disrespect to the teacher and the other students in the class and will not be tolerated.  


    Homework will be assigned EVERY DAY and needs to be turned in ON TIME!  Part of the assignment is turning the work in on time.  If you do not have an assignment done, or if the assignment is not completed in a satisfactory manner, your work will be considered late.  All late work will receive a deduction of 10%.  No work will be received after the 2nd day.  PowerSchools will reflect the most current homework grade for each scholar.  Please reference here first.

    When you are absent it is your responsibility to make up all the work missed.  Please understand that merely completing written work will not assure success.  Homework may be made up, but classroom discussion and instruction cannot be duplicated.  If you have a pre-planned absence, please let me know in advance.  Please understand that teachers are not expected to have material ready in advance of a travel period, nor expected to give extra help to those who fall behind due to vacation travel.


    Students may earn the privilege to retake tests at the teacher’s discretion.  The student must complete corrections and assignments related to the material to show mastery of the subject.  Parents will need to sign off on both tests.  Tests will be taken on the student’s time.


    Grades are based on the following: tests (35%), classwork (25%), quizzes (25%), and homework (15%)


    No cheating will be tolerated!  If the teacher witnesses someone cheating or attempting to cheat you will automatically receive a failing grade.  It is considered cheating if you give your finished work to another student to write down answers.  See Student Code of Conduct as to our policy for cheating.