• JPA Ambassadors & Alumni show support for the new graduating class at the 2023-2024 Jacket Parent Academy Graduation & Volunteer Celebration.



    JPA Ambassadors & Alumni assist our Hispanic population of parents during the "Taste Test w a Twist" event where Spanish cuisine was enjoyed by all.


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    Ambassador Tashina Patterson assists parents, families and their children during the Walk w a Dr Initiative sponsored by Davidson Medical Ministries. 


    Members of the JPA Alumni and Ambassadors along with future graduates show support for the academy at a LCS football game for the second year in a row. 


    JPA Ambassador Brittany Bagwell eagerly shares information regarding the Jacket Parent Academy to help increase and empower parent involvement.


    New graduates, Tammara Jackson, Javier Zuniga, Christina Lawrence and Brittany Marshall are all smiles as they assist in recruiting parents for the 23-24 school year. 

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    Jacket Parent Academy Alumni, Samantha Williams helps to recruit parents at the Spring Fling at Pickett Elementary School. 



    Jacket Parent Academy Alumni, Samantha Williams works hard recruiting parents for the Jacket Parent Academy program at the Title 1 night at South Lexington.

    title 1 parents


    Jacket Parent Academy Alumni, Samantha Williams and Brittany Bagwell, provide assistance to the speakers for the Black Business Spotlight. 


    Jacket Parent Academy Alumni attend and help students at the Bowling & Math Night.


    Jacket Parent Academy Ambassador displays her support for the Jacket Parent Academy.


    Jacket Parent Academy Alumni, Samantha Williams, helps at the Fall Festival at Pickett Elementary School.


    Jacket Parent Academy Alumni help in the Trunk or Treat festivities at Lexington Senior High School.


    Jacket Parent Academy Alumni join future graduates at a LCS football game to show support of the Jacket Parent Academy.



    Jacket Parent Academy Alumni show their support for the program and show excitement about their "graduate status."



    The Jacket Parent Academy Alumni members volunteer at Open House to help increase parent involvement for the 2022-2023 school year. Alumni members share their personal JPA stories, answer questions concerning the academy, distribute JPA information and paraphernalia and register parents from all LCS district schools for the academy.    


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    Jacket Parent Academy Alumni gather during the summer to recap the previous year's program elements, recruitment plans for the upcoming school year, school assignments and curriculum details. 

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