• Transmitting Private Student/Staff Information, also called Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

    IMPORTANT: The linked document below is the most recent information that encompasses NCDPI policy as well as Federal law, Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA), on transmitting PII.  If you have additional questions about what information can and cannot be shared and by what methods, please contact the Director of Accountability. 

    Data Privacy


    Protecting Student Information is critically important...and it is OUR responsibility! 

    Did you know?

    • that all teachers and staff must comply with the Federal FERPA law? 

    • that whenever a student’s name and state ID number is combined in an email that is sent to another

    teacher or to the principal, you are violating FERPA? 
    • that FERPA does not allow you to post a student list with student names and ID numbers publicly...like
    on a bulletin board or outside your door?

     For more information on Data Privacy & PII, please reference the linked document above titled "Data Privacy."