1. The French & Indian War
    2. Proclamation of 1763
    3. Sugar Act / Stamp Act
    4. No Taxation Without Representation
    5. Boston Massacre
    6. Tea Tax
    7. Intolerable Acts
    8. Fisrt Contential Congress 
    9. Second Continental Congress
    10. Common Sense 
    11. Declaration of Independence 
    12. Ben Franklin Conceive The French to Join
    13. Lexington and Concord 
    14. Fort Ticonderoga 
    15. Battle of Bunker Hill ( Breed's Hill)
    16. Battle of Trenton
    17. Battle of Sarotoga
    18. Valley Forge
    19. Guilford Courthouse
    20. Battle of Yorktown
    21. Treaty of Alliance
    22. Treaty of Peace 
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  • Help is on the way, but for the mean time please help me find Spidee and Hay Man. Once you find them please email me their where about for some extra credit. 

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  • At times of unfortune or busy times, we could all use a little help. So, here you go, Rockstars. Even though there are 26 letters, only one stands in front of me. So stay informed and email Mr. Wallace of the location of ol Spideee and Hay Man Hay Man. Only the first 5 students of each core will be granted this extra extra credit.   

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  • There were no discrepancies in regards to the Unit 1 Test. Certain questions were valued more than others, which led to questions and concerns from students. 

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  • We will not have a unit quiz due to being out Friday September 30th and having half a day during the previous week. So, we will focus on reviewing this week and make our best efforts on Friday October 7th for the Unit 2 test. Friday will also be the deadline for all projects. 

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