• Congratulations to JPA Alumni Kaliyah Marshall on the purchase of her new home!



    Congratulations to JPA Alumni Tashina Patterson on the publishing of her new book "The Walls...Breaking Down to Build Back Up Again." Tashina is also a member of the design team for the NC Portrait of an Endeavor Initiative and an innovator in identifying the skills necessary for students to succeed in entering the workforce after graduation. 





  • Congratulations to JPA Alumni Brittany Bagwell-Hamilton on her new job promotion. 




    Congratulations to JPA Alumni Amber Daly on her new job as a teacher. 


    Congratulations to 2023 JPA Grade Tammara Jackson on her new role as the Medicaid Program Specialist at High Point Medical Center.


  • Congratulations to Rona Lockhart, our JPA Ambassador, who was recently honored for her lasting impact in her role as a long-term administrator and educator for Lexington City Schools. She was honored by the “Fences” director during the premier of the “Fences” play held in February in celebration of Black History Month.  




    Congratulations to Brittany Marshall, a recent 2023 graduate of the Jacket Parent Academy, who was accepted into the Business Administration Program at Davidson-Davie Community College. Brittany will begin her studies in the Fall 2023 on her journey to obtain her Associate's Degree.